In 1989, The Children of the Earth Prize was awarded for the very first time.

100.000 Norwegian kroner were that year presented to Inger Harrington of Ålesund, Norway, enabling her to start her dedicated and long term work among street children in Brazil (she received the prize for a second time in 1995). In 2010, the annual prize amount was increased to 150.000 kroner, equivalent to about 19.000 US dollars or 15.500 euros.

Some 500 children from all schools in the community of North Cape attend the annual award ceremony. The North Cape School of Culture provides a locally inspired program of high quality.


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  • The Children of the Earth Price for 1999 was awarded to SOS Children's Villages/Norway.
  • Terje Jacobsen (nr. 4 from right) received the Children of the Earth Prize for 2006 (Photo: Else M. Lundal)
  • Liv Haug received The Children of the Earth Prize for 2009.
  • Anne Louise Hübert received the prize in 2012.
  • Ane Lillian Tveit - 2011
  • 2010 for Haiti
  • Ynghild Solholm in 2008
  • Children in Soweto - 2006
  • Kari Harbakk in 2005