The children stayed with families in the fishing settlement of Skarsvåg on Magerøya island.  At nearby North Cape, they spent a week creating self chosen motives in clay.

relieffeneAn "information relief" briefly explains to visitors the extraordinary story behind the project and the annual prize. Photo: Dag Christensen.The first child made “an African man”, the second modeled a self portrait. The third made "a beast of the past", the fourth modeled "a lady with bow in rain and sunshine”. The fifth created a bird of peace, the sixth an image of Christ. The last child had wanted to make a cat, but ended up with a man with a hat and beard. The project was followed through daily broadcasts on national TV. All seven children experienced great fun - and no linguistic or other barriers.

In 1989, the original clay reliefs were cast in bronze, framed in granite and erected permanently on the the North Cape plateau. Along with the lovely bronze sculpture "Mother and child", created by artist Eva Rybakken, they now form a harmonious entity – The Children of the Earth Monument.